Sister's Company.


Grand Istana Rama Hotel

Offers a tropical sanctuary in the middle of the bustling city crowd that blends contemporary design with invigorating Balinese ambiance.


Samudera Restaurant

Perched right in front of Kuta beach, Samudera Restaurant is a beachfront all day dining that features a classic wooden restaurant


Teppanyaki Restaurant

Everyone loves a good barbeque, but the Japanese have it down to an art – a performance art at that.


69 Bar

Unwind and relax in chilling ambiance while enjoy some of our delightful elixirs with a setting of ritual sunset of the famous Kuta Beach.

Jaen Cafe

Jaen Café

The word ‘Jaen’ in Balinese means ‘delicious’, and with our touch of happiness we offer you quality tastes of food also a place where you can relax and find inspiration.


Ayodya Pool Bar

Rejuvenate yourself after swim at Ayodya pool bar. You can relax by the pool while having a chat with a group of friends

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